Start with the list of high frequency words

    • make flash cards of words
    • Select 5-10 spelling words per week.
      Hold the word up to the left and read it, spell it then close your eyes and spell it again.
      Then hold to the right read it, spell it then close your eyes and spell it again.
    • Put the card down. Then as you are walking /jumping /crawling spell the word. If you have forgotten the word repeat the process.Get someone to test you on these words at the end of the week.

You can also use this method for your school spelling words.

If you no longer have school spelling words keep testing yourself on the high frequency words as these are commonly misspelt by dyslexics.
Once you are able to use a laptop it is most important to get to know how to spell the suffixes and beginning of words. Once you type the beginning of a word you can choose from a drop down list to select the correctly spelt word.

Other ways to make spelling easier

  • colour the syllables different colours
  • find small words within words
  • make up an acronym or a story involving the letters of the word e.g.because- big elephants can always understand small elephants.
  • make spelling fun and use your imagination you might want to make idea of making clay models of words or using the shaving foam on a tray to write words on.