Self Esteem

Don’t let the struggle with dyslexia take over your life
When I first started at school I got really down about the fact that everyone else found reading so easy when I found it so hard. I learnt how important it was not to focus on my weaknesses but to find things I could do well at.
I was about sixwhen my dad taught me how to ride a 50cc dirt bike. Once I had mastered riding this bike I remember feeling so proud. I knew most boys of my age couldn’t ride a motorbike. The next day at school while I was struggling to read simple words I thought of how quickly I had mastered riding that bike.
When you first start at school reading becomes a measure of intelligence, if you can’t read people expect that you are stupid. I believe it is so important to focus on anything you do well so you can spend time feeling a sense of achievement.
I know a motorbike is not the solution for everyone, but look around for something you can master. It might be art, music or sport. Or it may be an interest that you want to become an expert in, like for example you could become an expert on a certain type of animal. It feels good to be referred to as an expert whatever your interest may be.
There are so many things that dyslexics excel at I encourage you to start looking. Watch my video for some inspiration.
Remember reading is important, but it is only a small part of your life.
Dyslexia will only become a disability if you let it destroy your self-esteem.
Find your strengths and turn them into Talents.