Getting help for Dyslexia

If you have Dyslexia it is so important to get a tutor that uses techniques specific for dyslexic students. It is never too early to start getting tutored. Make sure you choose a system that suits your needs. There are so many different systems to choose from I believe they all have something to offer. Choose one that works best with your strengths and weaknesses. (See my learning systems page)
Software systems
There are a lot of software systems that have been developed specifically for dyslexia. It can be very helpful to use these to help you progress and give you different learning techniques. Just make sure you are willing to commit to using them on a regular basis before you part with the money to buy them. (See my learning systems page)
Dyslexics need strategies
Watch this video to see how hard a task can be without the correct strategy. Sometimes all Dyslexic students need is a different way of learning –being told to try harder, look harder or concentrate more is not very helpful.
Understanding the struggle

This is a great video to show people to help them understand what it feels like to have dyslexia.It is great to help people realise what helps and what doesn’t with a dyslexic student.