Brain training

These exercises will help the left and the right sides of your brain to start ‘talking’ to each other. They involve crossing over the midline of yourbody.
You can do these at any time during the day. Watch the video for a demonstration of each exercise.

Energising exercises

  • Marching 3 sets of 10 –touch your opposite hand or elbow to your raised knee.
  • Foot kicking opposite hand 3 sets of 10-kick your foot back and across to touch your opposite hand.
  • Opposite hand to foot in front of the body 3 sets of 10.

Relaxing and calming

  • Hook ups-Arm and leg twists with deep breathing x10 –great for calming yourself down in exams or before any stressful situations.
  • Thinking buttons-place index fingers on your temples, massage in small circles clockwise on one side of the head and anticlockwise on the other side of your head then reverse.